Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Weekend for Playin

First up, Happy Birthday dear Victoria!  Victoria is a dear friend and I am blessed to know her.  She is such a giving woman and she knits too!  And a lover of yarn as well.

I've got no Stash Dash to report as there were no finished Friday objects, but I can tell you I've been having some fun this weekend, playing around with my knitting.  I spent yesterday tossing some design ideas around for possible Hospice Shawls, ending up the day with getting files and bags and knitting straightened around then onto trying to figure out what I want to have done for Stitches Midwest in less than two weeks (yea, right, like that is going to happen) and finishing up with just having a bit of fun taking some pics of go to t-shirts, knits, knitting and bags.

Then late into last night/very early this morning, I got a hankering to join in a KAL over on the Itty Bitty Knits Group on Ravelry.  The sock is the latest pattern from Susan B. Anderson and her sample was knit out of a yarn from Must Stash Yarns.  It is so super hard to get sock yarn from Must Stash because everyone loves and covets it, so I had my friend Sue pick me some up at DFW last year.

The KAL was the perfect time to cast on these socks and it gave me a bit of a break from a couple of projects I am knitting on right now.  I love the no brainer of a sock.

And I am totally loving watching the colors evolve out of the skein, I want to knit just one more stripe to see where it goes next.

While watching my sock grow, I remembered a shawl that I cast on a month or so back, which I pulled out, and started playing around with possible back drops for it.  There seems to be some possibilities here.

But, wait, there's more.  And it is perfect for the Summer of Shawls, now isn't it?!

And if I work very hard at my knitting, I may just have a pair of socks and a shawl for Stitches Midwest.

It's terribly hot here in Central IL, and looks like there will be a small little storm pass through in a couple of hours, we are hoping it cools down a bit, but in the mean time, I'll keep cool inside with my knitting.

Have a great week!

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