Monday, July 11, 2016


Oy, is re-entry difficult when you have the most fabulous weekend ever!  Linda and I both

had such a great trip up to Marshfield, we were so psyched to be going and seeing friends

and just plain knitting all weekend along.  We were equally pumped up on the way home and talked about all of the changes we wanted to make in our lifestyles and our knitting.

We saw so many neat knits while we were there and although, I don't have much to show in the way of purchases from our weekend, trust me, these three inspired me and there will be more fun mail days coming in the next few weeks.

What did follow me home, was the perfect yarn and color ways for a sweater that I have been on again off again of wanting to knit.  After talking to Jeanette at the Sun Valley Fibers table on Saturday, I decided on Onyx background yarn with a gradient kit for Breathing Space.

And because my first choice was these two very related denim colors, I decided to take them home with me too, because I am kicking around a possible sweater or shawl out of them for later this Summer.

I could not resist these books from Schoolhouse Press.  I totally want to knit one of the Bohous sweaters at some point in my knitting life, so I thought I might get a bit of inspiration out the brand new book.  The Handknits from Norway book is an ohmage to my childhood dreams of one day going to Norway and the little book is a cute little read about random knitting trivia.

There will be more Knit Camp posts this week as soon as I get the pictures into some semblance of order, for now, I gotta go cast on something! And laundry!

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