Saturday, July 02, 2016

I'm On Vacation!

13 whole days before I have to be back at work.  And first,  I am gearing up Knit Camp next Thursday.      There is so much I wanted to accomplish for this year's camp and it just did not happen, but I do at this writing have 3 things to block and one that is still on the needles for my contest entry and show and tell.  My show and tell is not a whole lot of lace knitting, but I am proud of them just the same.  I'll blog about those next week from camp!

In the meantime, it is a chilly Saturday in Central IL which is perfect for pulling out the longer sleeves and a knit shawl to wear to knitting today.  But, also, it makes me want to start knitting some sweaters for later this Fall and I've got a slew of them on my list with yarns in mind from "The Stash" and a couple that I want to see about picking up the yarn for at Knit Camp.

I think some nice Sun Valley Fibers will be perfect for this sweater.  Becky and Kathy are both going to be knitting it and I thought I would use some yarn from Stitches Midwest last year for it, but it is not the right weight for it and I am just not into re-working the numbers for it right now.  I'll see what SVF has at camp next Saturday that I can get for it.

Ever since Ravelers went wild over the Stop Over sweater last winter, I have been thinking about making a Lopi type sweater as well, and I already have the yarn.

 I'm pretty sure I'll be knitting one of Meg's sweaters instead of the Stop Over.  The current contender ( in a pullover version, I think) is from Wool Gathering #79.  This may come along for the ride to Knit Camp for knitting.

Again, Becky knit Turia and ever since she wore it I had been coveting it.  The Linsey yarn is, of course, discontinued, but I manage to scarf some up from Ewe-nique for the sweater and one of the coordinates.  As it happens, someone on Ravelry had the other color way I was looking for and I bought it from her.  This one would be perfect for later this Summer.  Again, I am dying to cast it on.  It is on the short list to take the ride to camp.

(Becky and have so very similar tastes, you would think we were sisters)

And definitely, going to camp is Janine Bajus' Helsinki Sweater.  I believe I have the base yarn picked out, and black as one of the contrasts and would like to get the rest of the colors for it while at camp.  Janine attends camp and has written a book about Fair Isle which is due out this Fall.  It is a long awaited book that I pre-ordered as soon as I heard about it.  Janine is the best at fair isle, in my opinion, and if you love it too, I highly recommend you check it out!  She has a website  feral knitter  and I just so happen to moderate her group over on Ravelry - fearless feral knitter

There are so many more sweaters that I want to do right now, but, I'll save them for another post.  Hope you have a great holiday weekend, we will be spending it quietly, I'll be knitting and starting to get my things together form camp.  (Thats a lie, I've already started !)

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