Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday WIP

Poor little Kailyard!  It has not seen any love in the last 2 weeks. Poor thing has just been hanging out, waiting for someone to knit on it.

There are so many knits swirling around in my brain and the itch to cast on something new is unbelievable.  But, then I look at what I have accomplished so far on Kailyard and I am itching to knit on it some more.   I'm on the Blossoms chart right now and there are several of the repeats for it, but on the upside there are some plain stockinette rows too.

And how about those bumblebees?  They were not easily visible to me while I was knitting them, but now that they are done, I just can't help but smile when I stretch the shawl out and pick them out!

So, I've decided to start committing some more time on my Kailyard and see if I can at least get the Blossoms repeats done before going to Stitches Midwest in a Week!

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