Saturday, July 23, 2016

Which Came First?

The sweater, the bag or the shoes???

The bag on this one.  Then the shoes.  And the shoes were a coincidence.  I tried to get a more blue in both the shoes and the bag.  But, I bought, the bag first.  I've been carrying it all week and can fit a ton of stuff in it.  The only thing that is on the downside of it is that the sides keep folding in and is not super easy to get into quick.  But, it does hold everything including a knitting bag when I go to work.

 And then came the sweater, sort of.  I bought the yarn sometime ago and am just getting around to casting on it.  But, I think it goes pretty well with the shoes and bag.  Again, none of the three were planned to go together, it just sort of happened that way.

These lovelies (which are closer to the my fave color way) just happened to all go together.  The sweater is one I knit several years back, the Toms came next (Sue found them for me), then the bag from Mrs. Browns Bags came and finally, the bag.  It was a deal from Charming Charlie's last weekend with the first bag above.  The only downside to this bag, I just wished it had a couple of inches more on the straps so it would fit over the shoulder.

If I could just marry the straps from the first bag with the bag from above, I'd be just fine in the bag department.  The search continues….

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