Friday, July 08, 2016

Finally Finished Friday

It is all about the Hospice Prayer Blankets and Shawls this week.  I'm posting them today even though they have been done a few weeks and been counted in Stash Dash.  I am at Camp this week and they are my Show and Tell.  There are some lovely things being shown this weekend, but I just had to bring some things that really have encompassed my life in the last year.  Every time I see a cool shawl posted on Ravelry, I think how can I adapt this to a Hospice Shawl.  

My show and tell may not be the most intricate lace or fair isle, but to me, they are such an important piece of my knitting world these days.  I hope that what I am showing and the point I am trying to make with my friends at camp encourages them to perhaps knit for their local Hospice  should they be so lucky as to have one near by them.

First up - Cozy Cabin.  A few weeks back on a Wednesday, I picked up the yarn from Fiber Universe. I wanted to get it on the needles before we headed over to the kids in Iowa so I would have some mindless knitting to do when I had some time to knit.

Unfortunately, I caught a Summer bug, and we had to stay home.  It wasn't so bad that I couldn't knit, I just didn't dare go far from home.  I spent the weekend knitting and by Sunday night, had it done and waiting to block.

The yarn is Pacific Chunky and the red is a bit darker than the bright red that I have been using, but I really like this was as well as the brighter.

Second up is another Heavenly Heathers.  This blanket has so much potential for mixing colors, it has been a favorite with Hospice Knitters.  It too, is out of Pacific only this time worsted, holding two strands together.  I changed the stripes up a bit differently than others, just to make it a bit different.

The last finally finished this week is also with the Pacific Chunky.  This one is Catty Corner.  I had to improvise a bit on the colors as I thought I would have plenty of red, when it turned out I didn't, but it is still kind of cool.

I've got one last Hospice blanket on the needles in red, white and blue that I hope to finish this next week.  Then, I'm going to take a break on the blankets for the vets and get back to some others for a bit.  Unless of course, there is a need for more red, white and blue.

Having a great time at camp!  As always.

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