Sunday, October 23, 2016

This Week On the Needles

This week the Hospice Blanket is what I really have  been knitting on.  It is a nice easy no brainer knitting.

Something that jumped on my needles today is the Maine Morning Mitts.  I've been having some issues with my right hand for about 5 weeks (cursory glance by the doc then was arthritis), and I thought that maybe some mitts for when my hands are cold and  flailing about while knitting my help a bit.

I had some leftovers of Briar Rose Fibers  from my Summer Solstice cardigan a few years back, and I love love this yarn with alpaca in it -  how more perfect could it be??

I'm sure by week's end, there will be more on the needles!  I'm feeling the urge to cast on all the things even though I have plenty to keep these hands moving.

Yesterday, our niece got married and her sister celebrated her 40th birthday!  It was a beautiful day!  Here are just a couple of selfies we had some fun with!

Baby Boy B

Our niece who was born the same year we were married!  I'll not forget how old she is, at least I hope I don't.  (Very Big Grin)

Happy Sunday Everybody!

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