Sunday, October 30, 2016

What's On the Needles This Week?

Well, I am not sure what is going to be on the needles all week, as this dang thumb and wrist have been acting up.  I'm given the Aleve and wrist brace a try to start out, but may have to break down and call the doc and see if I can get in before my appointment on the 10th. The way I knit aggravates it and I am trying to keep the right thumb in place when throwing which is not as easy as seems after 30 plus years of bad knitting habit.

 I'm gonna need my hands in good working order on the 17th for several weeks (not just for knitting, but for crutches too) so we need to get this problem resolved PDQ.  But, enough of that.

I've got some Christmas knitting on the needles for Poppy. The rest of his Christmas presents are ready to wrap, just need to get this cute hat done.  I bought the kit last August at Stitches Midwest from the Stephen Be booth.

I'm still pluggin away on the Hospice Blanket and am so ready for it to be off of the needles, but it has some ways to go.

And just in case the hands don't want to cooperate with knitting, I've dug out a WIP from the past that I may have to resort to - to keep from going batty in a few weeks.  Before knitting all the time and before it was cool, I dabbled in a lot of cross stitch.  In fact, my dear friend Norma and I bonded over cross stitch many years ago.  And today, when I was scoping this out I found a box that she gave to me with a note in it.  It brought back so many fond unexpected memories.  You know the ones.

Today is not as nice outside as yesterday was in Central Illinois, but at least it is not raining.  The burning bush is turning red, which is a sure sign Fall is coming, even though the temps say differently.

 Happy Sunday!

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