Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm A Little Dissappointed

In the Holiday Issue of Vogue Knitting. There just wasn't anything that jumped out and said knit me. Sure, there were these two that I might someday, when I really, get good at two color knitting, but nothing that immediately makes me want to go out and buy yarn.

And thats what I want a new issue of a knitting magazine to do to me. Okay, sure someone will come along on a blog real soon, and knit something and I'll say me too, but for now,

I'll read Meg's article. After all, that's really why I buy the magazine.

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Nancy said...

I like the Alice Starmore one, too -- if you go to her site she has it in other styles, too. I really like the vest in the green colorway on her site -- same pattern, different colorway.