Sunday, October 07, 2007

Knitting Is Out There

I just love it, when you open a magazine or watch a commercial and there is knitting involved. In the last few weeks, I have seen several commercials for various products and it shows someone knitting. Of course, most of the products have been to help your hands because you are knitting or unable to knit, but at least it is out there.

Here is a page from the latest Shape magazine, cables and clearly these are knit. I love it, knitting every where, this is our season it appears again. And in a magazine devoted to getting in shape!

Then Old Navy, is sporting their Fair Isle collection of sweaters on young women. I just love seeing it the media. Then yesterday, on our trip up North, I was looking through my niece's Glamour magazine; there were some sweaters being featured and there was in lime green. Both my niece and I both remarked on how we liked it. She for the look, me for the possibilities of reproducing it. She, smart one that she is, thought it looked a little difficult to do. I conceded, but there for a moment we had a knitting conversation about how long it takes me a sweater. Maybe, the next time we can discuss her learning to knit...hmm possibilities.

Knitting is everywhere! Knit On!

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N. Maria said...

Nice eye candy!