Saturday, October 20, 2007


How did I get so many? Yes, at last count I had over 30 on needles. Do you know what that means? I have more than 30 sets of needles. I have yarn for all those projects!

How does that happen? Well, first, I go to a yarn shop. I can't resist....however, since July at Knit Camp I have resisted, only buying some sock yarn (solids) and a holiday gift one. Back to how this happens?

I read blogs. I can't resist starting something someone has shown. A new magazine comes out, I have the perfect yarn and have to cast on. I come to a point in a project and it requires me shutting off the t.v and not talking. That rarely happens, so it sits there for a time when it will be quiet. The Radicals decide to go to Knit 4 Together for knitting and I feel uncomfortable knitting on a project that I did not purchase the yarn there for. So, I pull out some yarn I bought from them and start a new project. The project that I have been knitting on becomes so big that it is difficult to take to work and knit on at lunch, so I start a new smaller one. I decide that someone "just has to have" one of my knits for a present and I cast on!

Thats kind of what happens and how UFOS or WIPS happen with me. Kind of like eating when I am not hungry. If I could just control both of these, I'd be a lot thinner and have alot more money. Neither are gonna happen. It is what it is. And the nice thing is I am not alone. Just really honest!

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