Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm Over It

The need to start something new! After sitting down and looking at my new book, I decided to start back on three of the things I have been knitting. A couple of them require me sitting and figuring out where I last left off on them.

So, I pulled out the Adult Babies and Bears Jacket and finished the other half last night and this morning. I feel better about it. I had to use a totally different dye lot on the last couple of rows of the tweed part and it matches pretty good. At the moment, I can't even tell the difference. It is what I am going to use on the kitchener stich of the two together and to do the trim and buttonholes.

I hope to get this accomplished this weekend. And it sounds like it will be a good weekend to stay in and do some knitting. I might have to make a trip out for buttons though, don't think I have any, but I might have to check my button stash and see for sure.

Next project - the baby sweater!

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