Saturday, October 06, 2007

Three Hour Tour

Just how far can I get on my Cobblestone on three hours up and back to the birthday party? No, I'm not taking all of the yarn for it, but I have started the sleeve before I am finished with the body.

The body length right now is dependent upon how much it takes for the sleeves. You see, what I have here, is what I have in the yarn, and I am kind of sort of sweating it on if I will have enough for it all.

And I realized with all of the needles I have, I don't (haver read as can't find) my size 8 double points, so I am making do with the 7's which will eat up more yarn until I can put it on the circulars. At the moment, I am knitting furiously to see what the gauge will be on the 7s to see if I might need to go to the 9's before I leave.

Note on the sleeves cast on, it calls for 52 stitches which I cast on and the cuff was just huge (10 inches around), so I re cast on with 40 and will have to increase those extra 12 stitches pretty soon.

Updates tomorrow on how everything goes with the Cobblestone, I love to get a big chunk of the sleeves done today. Guess I'll throw in another ball just in case.

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N. Maria said...

I love the color of this sweater! You are just moving right along.