Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thank God For Socks!

And it is a certainly good thing, that I have a pair in my car in progress. Or else, I would have been sitting at Knit Nite tonight without anything to knit on.

The day started out crazy. I got my knitting bag ready and sat it on the couch. I thought that was a bad idea, but I thought, no, there is no way I'll forget it!

I was running behind for work. I couldn't find my glasses. Downstairs, Upstairs, back downstairs, back upstairs, there they were on the table.

Then I couldn't find my keys. I looked in all the suspect places. I was starting to place the blame on the tall guy. Maybe he had them? So, I take my purse and my work bag out and think I'll check the car. There they were, right where I left them last night.

Off I go down the road, past the cemetery and the river. It hits me, the knitting bag is still sitting on the couch, right where I left it.

But, I had my trusty socks, thank god! Another crisis averted.

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N. Maria said...

I hate when that happens!.....and it has!