Monday, December 10, 2007

Another Yucky Weekend

Ice, Freezing Rain and General Slickyness again this weekend. Seems that is what it wants to do around here on the weekends. But, it has made for some nice knitting weekends. I am at the heel flap on the second sock and am hoping I'll have it finished mid week!

I did manage to get my tree up on Saturday and the other Xmas Decorations and even a little cleaning done on Saturday too.

It's hard to believe that Christmas is just 15 days away. I still have tons of shopping to finish! And I am waiting for Knitpicks to get somethings in that they advertised in their catalog a few weeks back. Why do companies do that? I know why and I know they have to print so far out, but still, here we as the consumer sit, waiting and wondering whether they'll get them in time for Christmas shipping or not!

Hmmm....someone needs a little holiday spirit it sounds like, now doesn't it?

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