Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 Resolutions

You betcha I make them. I even write them down. Alot of years, I don't get past day 1, but each year it is kind of cool to reflect forward and backwards.

There are things I hoped to accomplish before I turned 50. It didn't happen. Now, I am hoping at least one of them makes it during my 50th year, but if it doesn't, there is always the 60th year!

5 Months from today, Baby Boy A will be getting married. There will be the Knitting Room when he moves out in place of his bedroom, or a room I think I will call the Home of PJKNITS! Like the dollar allowance, I used to spend 100 ways, there are 100 things that I need to put in that room, but alas, we will save that for a post later this Spring!

I have spent alot of the past week trying to decide where I want to be knitting wise for 2008 and I see that some of the things that were on the 2007 list are making a return engagement to the 2008 list. Funny, some of the non knitting things are making a return engagement to the 2008 list too!

My 2008 List (not really resolutions, lets just call them hopes, want tos, lofty ideas or just whatever)

WIPS - work on getting at least 6 of them done, okay maybe 2

Bills - work on a cash basis, if I don't have the cash, don't buy it! Well, unless, it is like a major repair

New Yarn Acquisitions - not really a yarn diet, just a little more watching of what comes home in the Yarn Mobile. I am kind of a stickler, when I knit at a shop, I like to be knitting on yarn that I purchased there. So, only buy yarn as needed for this.

Weight and Exercise - they go hand in hand....wouldn't it be nice to be a little thinner/toner by the wedding?

Be prepared. Don't wait for the day before the birthday, baby shower or holiday to finish the gift. Yea, right!

Use the techniques/lessons that I have learned from EZ/Meg. Or rather, re-learn them and then use them. Like a running coach once said, you can't expect to run the race, if you only run on Wednesday nights!

Be happy. Surround myself with happy people. Be thankful for good health, great friends and loving family (even when they drive me nuts. Make the most of every opportunity given.

So, until tomorrow, have a happy and safe New Year's Eve. I love you! --Penny

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