Saturday, December 22, 2007

Day 1 - 48 Degrees Already

One of nine whole days off! I have been like a kid waiting for Christmas!

I have a list of things I want to do while off. What a surprise to those who know me! Most of the list includes knitting stuff.

Sorting of years of fabric purchases is on the list. 20 years ago I worked for a sewing store in Peoria and bought lots of cool fabrics to make garments. Back then, I sewed like I knit now. And I have saved the stash of fabrics all these years. Now, I have to be realistic, I'm never going to sew like I did then. I am going to knit into it is time to rid myself of them. The wools are going to Linda who some day may do a rug. The others were going to maybe Goodwill, but I am not sure even they would want them at this point in time. I think I am going to just toss them.

Also, getting my other business organized is on the list. It is time to start seriously getting back into lia sophia selling mode. The discontinued list is out and it is time to do some sorting and rearranging and setting of files.

But knitting is high on the list! Ravelry has a new group that is knitting through the Almanac (something I want/try to do every new year and fail), and I know just what yarn I want to make January's sweater out of.

My plan for the next nine days is to only go outside when we get groceries next Friday and go to Norma's for New Years Day Fun. Well, that is after we get together with some family tonight for our early Christmas get together. After that, let the snow fly, I have my knitting to keep me warm!

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