Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yuckin It Up!

I forsee this will be the last year we get to get these fun pictures of the two boys. Next year, Baby Boy A will be married and probably won't be here for Christmas. Every year the two of them yuck it up for the camera on Christmas morning. I'll miss the laughs.

Baby Boy B does a lot of shopping on Ebay. Look what he found for his mom! I love it. A yarn basket with Snoopy.....what a kid!

I'm still in pjs at this posting. Don't ya just love it! No where I have to go today. Going to take my tree down after I get dressed, so I can get to my knitting books. I'm in planning mode again today. What to make the January sweater out of? I might have to phone a friend and get her input. Linda has made some Arans and she will have some good advice for me.

Better get moving!

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Jo said...

I can relate to these sentiments! We were missing Boy B this Christmas and it just wasn't the same. By the way, I gave Boy A the cables alpaca scarf and he loved it!! I told him its name was Xavier and he had to take good care of it. Jo