Sunday, December 30, 2007

Looking Forward

I've spent a little bit of time these last few days contemplating and working a few swatches trying to decide what I want to be working on when the new year comes around. You know what I have come up with? Nothing!

I know that I want to concentrate on things that I have learned at Knit Camp, but as far as nailing down anything specific, it just did not happen this past week. I spent more time working swatches and thinking about what I wanted to be knitting on than I did coming to any conclusion as to what I want to knit on.

Then, there is the never ending WIPS. And the yarn stash. And the never ending bills. Oh, heck and then the weight issues. They all need to be whittled down.

So, looking forward to the new year, I guess I have another day to ponder....tomorrow, 2008 Knitting Resolutions and one or two others while I am at it.

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