Tuesday, January 08, 2008

February Vacations

About now, every year for about 8 years, I have been getting in gear for my February vacation to warm and sunny Mexico with my friend with our local radio station. This year, she is under the weather and we felt it was best if we stayed in the country.

It is kind of funny to not have the pressure of being thinner and getting tan in time to go. With the wedding coming in less than 5 months though, there still is a little pressure, it is just a little further off.

Yesterday was the first weigh in at WW that I had since before we took our break. The consensus was that most of us gained a bit. That going into it, I did not feel so bad with my 4 pound weight gain. But, now, it is back to business.

Oh, and vacation in February? I am still taking a small one with my friend Julie. We will meet up with her sister in Ames Iowa for Arnhild's Knit Camp. Last year, we got stuck for an extra day due to a snow and ice storm!
What a hardship! An extra night of knitting and pizza.

Oy, I should be so unlucky this year.

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