Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's 1 Degree

And I am staying in. I need one more skein of the Alpaca, but I'm going to call Knit 4 Together and have them put a skein back for me to pick up on Thursday night when we go out there.

In the mean time, I have a new idea for some Brown Sheep that I bought last week out there too. I'll show you the results tomorrow.

There is not much to watch on t.v.(until the U of I game at 1:00) while I knit today, and I could dust and clean, but heh, I got two other days this long weekend in which to do that. So, for t.v. entertainment, I am watching some knitting DVDs and thinking about making a Moebius scarf out of my Unspun Icelandic. And of course working on a new cardigan thought out of the Brown Sheep.

There is a companion book that I just love looking at while watching the DVD. Available from Meg at

Today is a day to have the coffee pot on, a warm sweater on my back, a pot of chili cooking and thankin my lucky stars that years ago I did not pass the Civil Service Exam for mail carriers!

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Nancy said...

Since I knit even in hot weather with wool, I would prefer 76 degrees to this nonsense. Hoping for an early Spring! Watching the DVD and thinking of lovely projects are wonderful ways to pass this bitter cold.