Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Party Is Over

It's back to work. Where did 9 days go? I did not accomplish much off of my list. I didn't get the fabric checked, the basement cleaned or any of the many sweaters I wanted to finish done either. But it was a great vacation. I spent alot of time around my chair, read a couple of books and yesterday spent a great afternoon knitting with friends.

I've got quite the mess to sort through around my chair, but I think I'll save it for tonight.

Now, today, it is 1 degrees outside and it is back to work! (What sweater to wear today?) My email is probably going to take me most of the morning to wade through. Of course, there will be a lot of junk to toss. Because, I like what I do at work, it is not so bad having to go back to work, it's just the having to get dressed before noon that bothers me!

And a side note --you know you have watched too much t.v. while off, when you are sick of seeing the Weight Watcher commercials. Seems like they were sponsoring everything the past couple of days. Talk about media blitz!

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