Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Obvious

I really like my new vest....but I really need to start using some weights for those arms! I've only been saying that for about 25 years now.

This is going to be a great casual day vest to wear to work. The yarn was just a dream to work with. I have used other Alpaca With A Twist yarn and loved it too.

I have about a half of a ball yet and trying to decide what I can do with it?

Yesterday, I sat at my dining room (yes after I dusted and vacuumed both the living room and dining room) and sewed my Plymouth Yarn Vest pattern together. I have added an additional 2 inches to the lower back and I am pleased with how far it comes down. I knitted it from Alpaca With A Twist - Big Baby.
I wasn't sure initally how this was going to all come together when I laid it out on the couch since I had added two extra inches. So, I just sat down, followed the instructions and sewed on blind faith.

I wasn't disappointed! I just love it! Even if in my mind I am a size 10 and have skinny arms! It is all about how you feel!

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