Friday, January 18, 2008

High of 7 Low of 3

That is tomorrow's forecast. Now, the only thing that will get me out tomorrow is if I see that I need to go to the yarn shop tomorrow! That would be it.

If not, I will be knitting and doing laundry this weekend until I have to meet friends from work on Monday at noon for our Christmas Get Together!

Some people I know will be by then floating on a nice cruise ship! But, they won't have their knitting with them! Huh?

With the cold weather upon us and Radical Knitting last night, I have a couple of ideas that I think I "need" to do. Some nice mittens and a moebius out of alpaca...and today's blog over at Brooklyn Tweed has me thinkin a Pi Shawl would be nice too, one without lace pattern.

I could use my leftover Unspuns from the Pelerine for a Pi Shawl. Just a few thoughts for today from the deep freeze.

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