Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've Really Got To Clean Today

The dust is piling up, the paperwork from the lia sophia business is piling up, the laundry is spilling out of the baskets....but

I have things I want to work on and/or rather start~~

I am dying to pull this kit out and start it.

My Ribbi Cardi has problems and needs to be picked back up
I want to start some mittens, I am so tired of my fingers being cold in gloves
I want to start my moebius from my unspun icelandic, I am so tired of the wind whipping my hair around and freezing the ears off (god, am I getting old?)
I need to update my projects in Ravelry
I need to sew up my vest from Alpaca Big Baby
I want to start the new vest with sleeves that Christiane gave me the directions for
I need to be working on my gansey
I need to be working on two other sweaters just in case more yarn is needed before I can't get any more of the dye lot from Knit 4 Together.

Where to start? Man I need major help! How does the rest of the world tame their knit projects?

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