Wednesday, June 18, 2008

As If

As if I did not already have tons on the needles, I couldn't resist. I needed to start a new shawl. So I picked the first one in the Gathering of Lace Book. The more I look at this book, the more I want to knit more out of it. I'm seriously thinking about working my way through it.

So, I ordered my yarn from Meg. The colors on the screen can be deceiving. I thought this would be lighter.

The color reminds me of a handspun that I made a sweater for Baby Boy A some years ago.

I don't mind the color so much. I have a game plan on the knitting of it. According to the instructions, you knit on it until you have used half of your yarn up.

My plan is by the weekend, to have one of the three balls knitted up. I'll make that plan if all goes well and I pay attention while knitting on it!


Nancy said...

...and it's only a couple weeks till 2.75! Oh, the damage we will do to our 'budgets'. (What's a budget?)

Jo Dorsch said...

I really like this pattern! Some of the lace patterns are too busy for me.