Sunday, June 22, 2008

So Much For What I Intended To Do Yesterday

All I was going to do yesterday, is go into the room and clean around the baseboards. Clean out the windows. Vacuum the floor.

Then, my intentions were to knit on a couple of projects that are needing attention before camp.

If you remember from my previous posts, I was going to start with the closet and get it nice and fixed up and then down the road re-paint the room. I figured with all of that it would be late summer, early fall before I was ready to move in.

Well, once in the room, I got a little itchy to move in. I opened the closet and then shut it and decided if I have to wait to move in until it is all nice and painted that would drive me batty. I was ready NOW to start getting my knitting stuff all in one spot instead of in six different rooms on two levels.

Then the tall guy encouraged me to go to Menards with him. And while there, I looked and tons of paint chips and brought lots home with me. They did not have the mesh cubes that I wanted. Then the tall guy, hey, lets try Lowes and see if they have what you want! Nope, so I said heck lets go to Target in Peoria, I know they have the cubes cause Norma gave me the ad a couple of weeks ago.

And the rest is almost history! With his encouragement and help late last night he helped me them together. Today, I finally finished the room for now. Pics and blog about today's adventure then!

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