Saturday, June 21, 2008

Things I Want To Accomplish This Weekend

In between watching the Cards (hopefully) beat Boston, the Olympic Trials and the IRL race, I have several things I would like to accomplish this weekend.

First I am going in to Baby Boy A's old room (now to be known as PJKnits Central until I can decide if it is the yarn room or the knitting room )and do a little cleaning. That room is going to be a big project because I am going to start with the closet and work my way out. Nothing has been done to it in about 30 years (the closet that is) and it will take me awhile. That and I have pre-camp stuff to do.

But, in the meantime, I want to store some yarn and a chair that has been overflowing a corner of the living room for sometime. But back to the weekend list.

I started my Kauni late last night. I would like to at least get the ribbing done this weekend and start working on the body.

Sometime ago, I started it, but for some reason ripped it out. It has been sitting downstairs with the needles attached to it with about a dozen cast on stitches. I am not sure if I did a gauge swatch or not with it. I sure hope I did?!
Next up for the weekend, is to see just where I am at on my Around the Bend Jacket that has had the two pieces finished for more than a year. But, when I went to icord it up, the two did not match very well.

Then, I saw some things at the shoulder join that I thought could have been done better, so I started ripping out. I hope to get this accomplished so I can get some help with at camp or from Char and Linda who are working on it too.

Thats my Want To List for the weekend, just a couple of things....oh there are more but lets be real here now!

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lv2knit said...

It sounds like you are suffering from multiple knitting project disorder!

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Row 3: k2(B), k2(A)
Row 4: p2(B), p2(A)

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