Monday, June 02, 2008

I Was In A Funk

Operative word - WAS. It started yesterday, at brunch, when I felt alone. My oldest no longer looked to me to keep him in conversation, he now had a wife. It continued into last night, when we were finally home and there was only three of us to sit down to dinner. I really wasn't ready for that! The funk kept going into the night and this morning. Tomorrow, I will show you why the funk is gone!!! That and hormones.

But for this post, here is the rest of the pictures that I have on my camera that turned out fairly decent for posting.
The best man (Baby Boy B) who made a very funny but yet very emotional best man speech, except that he forgot to toast the couple...still it he did a good job.

The ring bearer, my great nephew who was so damn cute!

My dancin partners for the evening. My legs and feet still ache today, but it was all worth it!

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