Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today Is KIP Day

Knit in Public! I was planning on going over to Morton to KIP, but too many things need to be caught up here at home. Baby Boy A just arrived from Memphis (he has to work a few days here and do some clear up paperwork at the prison). I'm slowly clearing my desk of bills and mail. My couch still has my knitting bags from the Memphis trip on it waiting to be unpacked. I did not even knit yesterday at all. I do however feel rested!

My new toy has kept me quite busy.

For Norma --this one is not for you, keep looking for something else in a smartphone.

There were times yesterday when I wanted to throw it across the room. And I am sure when I get my bill, I'll want to re think it! But, for today, I like it a little more than I did yesterday.

There still are a butt load of things that I want to do with it, but for now, a shower and some knitting is calling me.

Enjoy KIP day. I'll be KIP (knitting in private).

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