Monday, June 23, 2008

Where I Had Coffee This Morning

In my rocker sitting there watching my yarn. The white storage cabinet is all of the WIPS,well not all of the WIPS, but alot of them.

In the corner behind it, is my knitting DVD and videos. The shelves have my knitting figurine collection.

My books have all been dusted off and catalogged. I just need to get them into my database.

I have my stitched pictures on the wall.

And I got the guys to move my fold up table into the room. Now, when I get ready to block, I can unfold it and leave it to dry for however long it takes.
I have new blinds on the windows that still needs to be replaced.

My chair is close enough to the yarn that I can reach out and touch it. I even have been know to talk to it! Like, how did I get so much? Or, you guys can't have a whole bin to yourselves.

There are several bins that are rather full. I sorted it according to Brand ie Encore and then other bins have baby yarns, spring yarns, cotton for dishcloths, sock yarn. Somewhere I have more sock yarn, but I havn't found it yet.

Maybe it's best if I don't find it....I think there is enough there to start my own yarn shop! Please tell me that is what everyone says.

I'm pleased with the new room, even if it hasn't been painted yet and the doors still need stripped and the closet needs cleaned. There will be time for that in the winter!


Nancy said...

Please show us and tell us about your knitting figurines!

Norma said...

Love what you've accomplished. There must be some yarn not in there yet. I can't believe that's all you have.

I'm so glad you finally got "your" room.