Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dyeing Day

It was a great day. Cool and Crisp. There were six of us and the consensus was that was a good number. We were constantly dyeing in two pots or at the microwave. Most of it was good colors. A couple will need to be redyed, because sometimes you just don't get what you think you are getting with the colors.

All was well until it rained....and my feet were so tired, that I fell while carrying the microwave....nothing was hurt, thank goodness for the grass that broke my fall.

One of the first dyes cooling...

Oh, what a beautiful morning....

Debbie and Jenny discussing what colors to use

Cotton in the pot cooking..

And mine, sitting out at home in the rain. The dark is what I am trying to duplicate from my first dyeing experience. It's close but not exact, but I am okay with it.

The other one skein is nothing like what went into the microwave. What went in was Mountain Aqua, Ripe Tomato and what came out is more purpley and mauvey...oh well, it was only one skein.

The base yarn is a Bartlett yarn that is so scratchy when it starts but after dyeing and some hair conditioner it turns into a very nice yarn. Hopefully, tomorrow the rain will stop and it can sit out in the sun and dry...then we will see if it is good with the first dye.

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