Tuesday, September 07, 2010

What I Learned At Camp

I had yet another person ask me if I learned anything new at camp! It's hard for me to pin point just what I learned at camp and even harder for me to explain to a non camp knitter what I learned. Most of them are used to the kind of thing you learn at Stitches or at a class....something like, I learned how to do this or that.

To go off topic for just a moment, let me tell you about my clear bag. It was a gift from Char at Knit Camp. It's going to hold my knitting in the round sweaters. They are two mindless sweaters that I can grab and go when needed.

The light blue is Big Blue from Jared Flood. The pattern isn't out STILL and so I've decided that I can knit it without a pattern. I'm a bright person and armed with a little EZ/Meg, and pictures and old blogposts from Jared, I think I can create a facsmile of.

The brown one is yet another sweater I saw in an ad and liked the colors and sort of the round yoke design. I 'm using EPS and going to knit a yoke sweater of my own design using the colors I saw in the ad.

Thats what I learn at camp. The confidence to say I can knit something I have seen in an ad or on the web or in a store and not necessarily have to buy one more pattern...thats what Meg taught me at camp.

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Paula said...

Well stated!