Monday, September 06, 2010

Tam Done - Check

One more off of the list. This is a funny one. A gazillion years ago (around the time of the first Gulf War), I was knitting for fun tams out of one skein of whatever floated my boat. It was a good way to try a yarn that I really didn't want to commit to a whole sweater of.

The tams made their way to our church bazaar and somehow my mother-in-law actually acquired one. I can't remember how, but I do remember the pattern I used. She wore it as a hat pulled down and loved it because it didn't muss her hair. Last winter, while at an appointment she lost it, never to be found. She has hinted around that she needed a new one and was, I think, dissappointed at Mother's Day that there wasn't a new one.

I was a little worried as to wear the pattern got to since I haven't made any in a very long time. I happened upon the pattern yesterday in a binder tucked away in the basement with some other of my patterns from knitting back then.

Just in time for her birthday, here's a new one with a little scarf to go with it. As I recall when knitting them before, I didn't do a gauge swatch, just started knitting with a seven and nine, so that is what I have done on this one.

Hope it fits~ cause there is no ripping back on this one. The Furz yarn ends are buried never to be found again.

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