Tuesday, July 26, 2011

8 Hours

Last night I got 8 hours of sleep. Between sleeping in the chair and going to bed at 9, I had 8 hours of sleep...I cannot tell you when I have had 8 hours of sleep! I'm not sick, just could not keep my eyes open.
Consequently, I did not knit a stitch yesterday. That never happens unless I am sick. I did not even open the laptop. That almost never happens.

I also did not get to tell you that yesterday was my Blogiversary. It was number 8. Is that a significant number for yesterday? 8 hours of sleep and 8 years for the Blog. As Arsenio Hall used to say - hmmmm.

Anyway, 8 years ago, there were not any pictures in the first year, heck in the first year there were not many posts. If I really look at the number of posts, they didn't take off until 2005. Someday I'll go back and look at those to see what was happen here at chez PJKnits.

Tomorrow, we will go back to Knit Camp pictures.

Until then, thanks for reading! (Even when there wasn't much to read). This blog today has been brought to you my the Number 8.

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