Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Does Wishy Washy Come With Menopause?

I have never been so undecisive as to what to take to camp for knitting.

The Effortless Cardigan out of my Three Irish Girls Gulf of Mexico yarn. As I look at the finished ones on Ravelry, I think this is just not a good look for me so I uncast it. I cast on a top down. Nope, not really what I want. I cast on the Effortless again and say the heck with it, maybe it isn't so bad. My friend tells me it is not a good look. I rip it out. I go looking for another pattern for most of a night. I cast on. As I go to bed, I say, thats not really what I want. And maybe that yarn just needs to stay home!

I have a talk with myself as I fall to sleep. Just take the things you are working on now. Keep focused. Work on what is on the needles. Problem - I have so many things on needles.

In the light of day - don't have a clue as to what I am taking and it is obvious, I need therapy!

5 Days of Knit Camp, that might do it.

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