Saturday, July 09, 2011


You just need to call a friend who is a knitter, who is going to knit camp and who is brutally honest with you! The one who talks you down from making a huge knitting mistake, spending weeks on a sweater that you will never wear. The one who helps you calm down when you want to toss the whole yarn room in your suitcase (even though your other friend tells you there is plenty of room in her car)

Thia ia thw blank canvas I am going to work on today. Putting possibles here for Knit Camp knitting and travel. Looking at them every time I pass by, retrieving or adding to.

Honestly, I have spent more time in the last week trying what to decide to knit on that actually knitting. I need to end this cycle and do some actual knitting.

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Nancy said...

Was there something you could have kicked yourself for not knitting to wear last winter? Something you kept looking for in your closet/drawer that was there in your imagination only? Maybe that's what you should knit?