Tuesday, July 05, 2011

It Begins

The Countdown to Camp is 10 days til Camp. I am frantically knitting, frantically trying to figure out what to take for knitting, what yarn that I might want to take to start something with. The one thing I am not frantic about is what to wear. Several years ago, I realized that just because it was hot outside did not mean I could not wear long sleeves for the frigid classroom...long sleeves, sweaters and sox are okay for this camp.

In preparation for the trip, my suitcase for yarn, books and knitting paraphenalia has come up from the basement.

At the moment, it is empty, but it won't be long and if will be filled.

First in will be my Show and Tell. Collared by Cheryl Oberle is going in today, since I doubt I will be wearing it this week here.

It's Flip Flop weather, and these will need to go in the suitcase. After all, it is knitting related.


Linda said...


Have a great time.

Nancy said...

You might want to take a pair or two of jeans, too....just sayin'