Monday, July 11, 2011

Back On Track

After a weekend if much knitting and yarn reflection, I have some focus there. Earlier this Spring, I decided that I was going to concentrate this summer on things that were on needles, spring/summer yarns and stash yarn.

Fellow camper, Nancy had a good point on what my knitting wardrobe was missing. I'm going to work on that soon very soon.

For the immediate future, I'm going back to my original thoughts and making some good decisions on what to knit. Yes, I went astray on that one on Saturday night when I cast on for yet another sweater, but this morning ripped it out, sat it aside for now. I have my notes so when I get there I can pick it back up and begin it again.

This little gem is in time out. It just isn't right for me for now, that may change in a week or a day, but for now, it is not making the cut for camp knitting which is the immediate concern for me.

The narrowed down list of yarns to take to camp. I know already that there is one sweater I want to cast on almost immediately when I get there and can get the yarn I need for it.

I feel good about my choices today. Now one or two may join the suitcase when I am not looking, but for Monday, I'm okay with the choices.

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