Friday, July 22, 2011

Of Course I Bought Yarn!

I'm waiting on my Schoolhouse Press yarn and buttons to come in, but in the mean time, here is what I bought at the market on Saturday.

From Chris at Briar Rose -three skeins, I am leaning towards a sweater over at Knitspot, something with a little texture to it.

Also,from Chris at Briar Rose - 4th of July - two skeins, don't know what I am going to do with it, just loved the vibrant colors

The minute market was open I knew where I was heading - Cheryl Oberle's booth. Cheryl had told me about the new Cusco she had knitted out of her Just Beautiful Alpaca. On Thursday night, she let me try it on. Cheryl is a skinny tall thing, and I was a skeptic, but her small looked pretty good on me. So this little lovely will become a Cusco for me.

Cheryl's booth was mobbed, so if you put the yarn in your hand thinking about it, you better not put it down because someone would snap it up.

This Dancing Colors yarn was originally slated for another Wabi Sabi, but after trying on the Bias Sleeved Sweater from Knit One Knit All that was knitted out of Dancing Colors, I might just have a change of mind on this one.

And lastly, another tonal dyed Dancing Colors from Cheryl...this one originally slated for a Faroese Shawl, but it too, would look good in the Bias Sleeve Sweater.

I may need to swatch both of the Dancing Colors and see which one I like for the Bias Sleeved Top and make the decision from there.

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