Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Knit One Knit All

Over the next couple of days, I am going to post some pictures of the garments from Schoolhouse Press' latest book on garter stitch. I was fortunate to try on almost all of the garments (the ones I could fit into and some that I should not have) at camp. Trying them on gave me the opportunity to see if I wanted to knit them and if I did what I needed to do to make them fit me.

Keep in mind while looking at them that they were not knit for me, but using the EPS system I can make them fit me just the way they should. Click on the photos and enlarge to see the detail closer (like the sleeves not the tired eyes of the model)

Hand to Hand Cardigan - this wasn't on my list but after trying it on, it might just make the list. I thought I had yarn at home to use for it, but it looks like what I have is Regal and not Rangely, which would make a lighter weight jacket, but this is still a contender for my list.

The Bias-Sleeved Sweater - I am knitting this out of Flash and almost done. It just needs to be grafted together and the icord dealt with. This one is from Cheryl's yarn. A version in one of Cheryl's yarn is on my list to knit this one again. This felt scrumptious on.

And the Hand to Hand Cardigan in another colorway. Isn't this sleeve cool?

This is the original jacket....knitted by Elizabeth and worn by her.

Do you know how cool that is???? I do.

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Sue said...

I really like the bias sleeve sweater!