Friday, July 15, 2011

We Made It To Camp!

The group is gathering outside in our living room before the official start of camp. It is so neat to sit and knit and watch the arrivals. There are new faces and alot of regulars.

My traveling companions and I left around 7:15 this morning. The car had lots of bags in it, but we still could see out the back. However, I think we are the winners of the 1 1/2 trolly took 1 1/2 trollies to get it all in...but we are prepared!

After lasagna and salad for dinner, we made the mad dash for our spaces. After that we spent the evening, shopping in the Schoolhouse Press store onsite, chatting with old friends, and knitting.

My traveling companions and I came back to my room because I have a sitting room and we drank some chai tea and knitted until the new day started...what a great start to camp!

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Linda said...

A sitting room? Awesome!