Sunday, July 08, 2012

It's Been Quite A Weekend

When I got the call on Friday around 10:15 am at work, I could hardly believe it.  And now, that we are back at home, I can still hardly believe it! 

Mona Lisa (not her real name, but a great name given to her by Kristen) was born at 5:39 on Friday night with a full head of dark hair, with a couple of spots of blond hilited in?!  She is a beauty and we love her.  I just hated to leave her even though she is three hours away!  The trip over was much more fun than the one home.  It seemed like it was forever.  And I know she will be changing so much and I can hardly wait to get myself back over there in about three weeks! 

But, it will have to wait, cause on Thursday, Linda and I head for Meg Swansen's Knit Camp.  Mona Lisa was kind enough to not wait until I was at camp to make her debut which I am most grateful.  It would have really been tough to miss this event.

Mona Lisa has lots of knitted items in her wardrobe now, and under pain of death, I have a promise from Baby Boy A (the father) that he will get me some pictures in them.  Baby Boy B (the new Uncle) and I tried our best this afternoon to get a picture of her in her Peapod, but she was a little cranky and did not want much of the picture taking thing!

There are a lot of pictures of her in the Heart Baby Blanket that I knitted for the first shower.  It's great for snuggling her in and Baby Boy B said he even wrapped up in it the first night because he was a little chilly in the hospital.  Hey, whatever.

We are all a little pooped here after our weekend, and there is lots of things to do before camp, but I've got the best ever show and tell, don't cha think!

And Linda, you guys were right, there is no way I would have missed this!  You would have begged me to leave you!

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