Monday, July 09, 2012

Notes To Self

Evidently you need to write this down somewhere that you can look back at it and remember it when you are knitting/dressing/shopping for yourself.  They are simple things, Penny and bears repeating or is that bares?

Just for your body type:

Bright Wide Yokes are good, for example Garter Yoke Cardigan by Melissa LeBarre, Circles Yoke Pullover by Cheryl Burke, Phyllo Yoked Pullover by Nora Gaughan, there are others.

Jeans with a flare out at hems are good. 

V-necks are good.

The bottom hem on your sweaters should end before the widest part of your hip.

Wear heels with pants not flats.

NO BOXY sweaters or DROP sleeves.  Say it with me Penny!!!

Always use waist shaping.  Duh, remember how nice the Chic Knits tank looked and felt??

NO bulky yarns.  Like that is a no brainer!

No to 1 button cardigans.  Do button ups and leave the top open.  Some you like are Cardigan for Arwen and Audrey in Unst - how many times have you looked at those two?

Elbow length sleeves are good.  Not only do they keep you warm in the a/c and cover up the fat upper arms, but they direct the eye to the waist which is your smallest body part next to your wrists and fingers.

Boat necks are okay if you can keep them up off of your rounded shoulders, but still they are not your faves, so nix them.

Have you ever tried short rows on the lower front for the belly?  Might have to think some more on that.  Somewhere, I think I remember reading about maybe doing short rows on the front at about 2" above the widest part of the hip.

And lastly, even though you love them and they are comfy, avoid the tunic.  It just does not hit at a great place and really makes those hips noticeable.

That concludes your lesson for today, Penny.  In the future, you will be tested so study up!

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