Monday, July 23, 2012

Show and Tell - We've Got Sweaters

There were lots of sweaters, but from where I was sitting, it was sometimes hard to get a picture, without standing in front of someone, so these are the few that I took from camp this year.

This is a beautiful color on Gwen.  But then you knew I would say that didn't you?!

Jaya in her Bohus.  I love these sweaters.  They are so soft.  I have a kit for a hat that someday, I'm going to knit. 

 Maggie wearing Joan Schrouder's Kauni jacket.  This is one of the nicest Kauni's we have seen.

 Renate and her lovely rose sweater.  I love to listen to Renate talk.  And what a wonderful lady.

Every year Maggie brings to camp a sweater that she knits for a local raffle where she lives.  She did not dissapoint us this year.

The Traveler sweater modeled by Holly.  This one has been on my radar for sometime.  It's a lot of rib knitting though, so I think it might stay on the radar for a little while longer.

And last but not least!!!  I love love these colors and how cool is that Meg got up and modeled the original with her.  Can you say cool?

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L. P. said...

What talented ladiers!