Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where It All Starts

At camp, I love to stand and look down at the scads of sweaters that have all been knitted by Meg and EZ.  It is just unbelievable to see.  Best of all, we can try any on we want.  Look at them, dissect them, plan to knit some of them and some we just covet.

Then Meg does her show and tell.  We sit on the edge of our seats in awe of what is to come.  When can we knit one for ourselves?  What yarn did she use?  Can we try it on?  It's such a great time to see something before the rest of the world has a chance to see it.

 Rachel on the right is modeling the stockinette version of the Icelandic Overblouse from Knit One Knit All.  Linda is wearing the original.  The new one has some waist shaping which I can hardly wait to knit.  I'm all about waist shaping.

Rachel is a cute, young, petite thing so she can wear what will more than likely be the Fall Wool Gathering Sweater. 
 Again, Meg has added waist shaping which is another must knit one for me.  Knit out of Icelandic Unspun which I have a ton of!

Ahhh, this is Camp.

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