Thursday, October 24, 2013

On Deck

When knitting, I believe you should have options.  And we all know, I have lots of options.

As I blogged yesterday, I have been listening to the Knitmoregirls podcasts.  Over on the Ravelry board, they are doing a Behm along (knitting Martina Behm's patterns).  One that they have podcasted about was Brickless.  It sounded like an interesting knit and so I hauled out my other skein of Cheryl Oberle's Organic Merino and cast on for it.  I am loving the feel of the yarn and there is a little bit of paying attention you have to do while knitting, but still not so bad that you can't watch a Cardinal game and knit it.

My Martin Storey Capelet is now at the point where all I have to do is knit around and around, so it makes a great project to pick up and throw down when I need to.  It also can double as Saturday yarn shop knitting, because I bought the yarn from the shop we knit at.  And if need be, a great knit while watching the World Series.

My Cusco from BriarRose Fibers Wistful is coming along.  It's my knit at work lunch project because it too can be knit while talking to my lunch mates.  And well, you know, great baseball knitting.

And finally for Miss Mona Lisa for Christmas.  I'll blog about this as it progresses, but this one is going to be super fun to watch it evolve.  This falls under the category, love what you are knitting, because I think I am really going to love it.

Did I mention baseball knitting?

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