Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Shopping

So it would seem.  The Tall Guy and I normally grocery shop on Friday night, but last night we were all alone (Baby Boy B is over in Iowa for the weekend) and so we decided to just enjoy a Friday night at home.  Our norma routine is for me to pick the Tall Guy up right after work and for us to head out and get groceries and then pick up something fast for the three of us for dinner.  It was such a nice Friday to not fight the grocery store and just come home and kick back.

Seems like the night went on forever and I managed to get a bit of knitting done on this little sweater for Miss Mona Lisa. I wish you could feel how nice of a hand the yarn has created.  The yarn is Lang Yarns Mille Colori Baby which is a merino fine/superwash.  I just love the striping that it is making.

Today was knitting at the yarn shop.  It was a most pleasant morning just knitting, talking knitting and doing a little shopping.  Today was the last day of their birthday sale and so I could not pass up buying some yarn for a sweater from the new Nora Gaughan book.

I know it is not my general color, but the other two that I liked did not have enough and is exactly the color of my poncho and capelet yarn.  I could just not bring myself to buy the same color again.  I could have knit it very easily, but with the help of others at the shop we thought this might be a nice change and look good.

The discussion today came to shoes and two of the other knitters both had some Danskos on that were so darn cute.  As it happens, there is a store on my way home that sells them, so I decided to stop in.  I ended up buying these cuties which are exactly like one of the shop owners.  They have yarn on them!  I love them, but I after putting them on at home and wearing them, I think I may need to return and go up a size, which irritates me because I am almost sure I tried a size larger on and did not like they way they fit.  But, these seem a bit snug in the toes.  Or maybe it was the shoes that I was wearing today that has made my toes hurt.

And because I cannot just buy one pair, I bought these.  They are the right size,  which makes me think I really need to take the other pair back.  The only down side to these -   I checked on Zappos when I got home and only this pair is $40 cheaper on line.  No, not any of the others but this one.

When did shoe shopping get so hard?!

It was a great day for shopping today and now it is time to sit back and watch more baseball and knit.  Ah, this is the life.

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