Sunday, October 20, 2013

Starting Over Sunday

We here at Chez PJKnits, are very close to starting a major kitchen renovation.  The Tall Guy and I have lived here 35 years.  We have been through one renovation in the very beginning and now it is time to start again or very past time in my eyes.  Oy, when I look around there is so much to do and so few places to stuff it all.

The kitchen is going to be completely gutted and extended by 3 feet, so all of it will have to come into our living area.  We will be living on microwavable stuff and toaster oven stuff and grilled stuff and going out to eat or bringing in for a few weeks, probably more.  More than likely it will extend at least until Thanksgiving.  I am hopeful that it will be done by then but at this moment, we just don't know.  I think, perhaps,  this is what my contribution will be for Thanksgiving dinner, not the usual pumpkin pies unless I buy them.

Since the reno is directly next to where I sit in all my glory for knitting, all of my stuff is going to move to the Yarn Room.  Which means I really need to nail down what my next project is really going to be. I have a few things in mind, all of them either ponchos or shawls and I am wondering if I ought night concentrate on some new sweaters or the finishing of?

I've been toying with a couple of things the last couple of days for the Fall KAL on My Sister's Knitter Board on Ravelry.  One of of them is the Kid Silk Haze Wrap from some time ago.

or  a shawl

 that would use both the Kid Silk Haze and the Alpaca.

I cast on both yesterday and then put both away.   As much as that I want to knit one or the other of  these, I just feel like I should continue on tackling those WIPS that I have built up and get some new sweaters for me.  With the pending reno to start, it might not be a bad idea to pull something out that is going to take some time so I don't have to go into the Yarn Room too many times.  (You know how that plaster dust has a way of traveling!)  I may have to be a bag lady for some time and knit out of my car as I can imagine that may be the only place that dust doesn't travel.

After years of paying Weight Watchers, I finally gave up.  I just cannot seem to find the time to go to the meetings and paying $40 a month for their online stuff has not seemed to be helping too much.  For some time now, I have had My Fitness Pal on my phone.

When we were over in Iowa last week, Baby Boy A was telling me how he had been using it and had dropped a few pounds.  I've decided to start using it (faithfully) and see what happens.  For a few months now, I have been doing gluten and wheat free with a bit of success.  I have not dropped any pounds, but the intestinal problems seem to be a bit better.  What I am finding with My Fitness Pal is that a lot of the gluten free foods that I am using are actually in their data base.

Now, I know that eating alone is not going to help me drop weight, so the exercise is going to have to start being kicked up a notch too, and the cool thing is that my fit bit syncs with my fitness pal.  How cool is that and coolest of all, my fitness pal is free!

I love Sundays for starting over.  It is a new week and I always have a sense of beginning things anew.  The only downside?  Well, you know it also means back to that four letter word tomorrow.  But, we will deal with that when the sun comes up, until then have a great start to the week!

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Kristen said...

How exciting to have a kitchen redo, although I don't envy you the mess you'll have! But, it will be worth it in the end!