Saturday, October 19, 2013

Spin In Saturday

Every year a not so local fiber guild holds a Spin In.  I am not a member and I can't even come close to calling myself a spinner, but I go every year, because they have great vendors, and I get to spend a morning and a bit of the afternoon around other fiber artists.  This year, friend Becky took me under her wing, because I did not know anyone who was there that was there for the day.  That is kind of unusual in itself.

The other thing that was super unusual is that I did not buy one skein of yarn.  Not one.  Okay, pick yourself up off the floor readers.  There was one vendor there who had some amazing dyed roving and she can have it spun into yarn for me and I will see her in a couple of weeks at another venue and decide which one I might want.  But, I did, instead, buy a couple of super cute things for Miss Mona Lisa.

Miss Mona Lisa loves books and I think it is high time to introduce her to sheep books and knitting related books.  I may leave this one at my house for reading with Grandma, along with super soft and cute finger puppet of a sheep.  Isn't she just going to love these?!

And for me, I bought a pair of yoga socks.  Even though, I don't do yoga, I loved these because they are made out of part alpaca (my fave fiber) and they have these little non-slip alpacas on the bottoms that are great for our hard wood floors.  And they are super soft.

They have these cute little alpacas on the cuffs and did I mention they are out of my fave fiber.

We had a great day at the Bishop Hill Fiber Guild Spin In and I hope they have it in Peoria again next year.  It is a real close drive for me and a fun day to meet new friends!  And on the way out, we all got those really cute mugs.  Another mug to add to my fiber related mug collection!

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